My name is Heather, if it wasn’t obvious and I have been given the title of Heather Hustle for years now, coined by my best friends.  I don’t have normal hobbies like most people.  My passion and hobby are finding ways to make money, it gives me an adrenaline rush and it is something I truly enjoy.  It is a true passion that started before necessity, when I was a youth.  Then when I became an adult, necessity kicked in.  In my early twenties, I lived paycheck to paycheck and there were times that I had to stretch and wear myself thin by supplementing my income to make ends meet.  I had my daughter young, moved out on my own at a young age and had to really hustle (while working full-time and going to college part-time).  I like to say that I side hustled before side hustling became so mainstream 😉.  However, in the beginning it was doing those long surveys that probably averaged an hourly rate of less than minimum wage, but those surveys gave me gas money, helped me afford Christmas presents and other extras (little secret, I still sometimes do them on downtime, mainly for hotel points, airline miles and amazon gift cards).  With time and wisdom my side hustles got smarter.  As my full-time salary grew, I started to really value my time – is the return worth the input is something I would often consider.  I started becoming smart with money and my perspective on money.  I would read about money, business ideas, passive income, saving and investing.  I know what type of life I want to curate for myself and although money is not everything, it provides me security, stability and peace of mind which is something I give to my family.  My journey for this blog is to showcase money making ideas through trial and error.  I am going to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks and document the pros and cons so you can see is this worth your time and effort, can you do this better, etc.  End game is making money while I sleep, have side hustles become more passive, paying down these student loans and mortgage and ensuring I have enough money for retirement and a couple luxury vacations (luxury hotels are my vice).  I will document the pros and cons of my trials and errors, offer money saving advice, things for everyone to try whether its something simple or something a little more complex in effort.  I am open to how this blog evolves and where it takes me and you, the reader.  Sit back, enjoy and let’s make this money.  One of the things I always live by is, there is too much money in this world to be broke, so let’s get it.